The Team Te rōpū

Our Mission Te Kaupapa

We start, build and grow New Zealand businesses with attitude.

Ka whakatuwhera, ka hanga, ka whakatipu i te whakahaere.

Our Values Ā mātou whanonga pono

Whakatika tika

Creating truly meaningful and impactful work while upholding ethical, inclusive and professional standards. It's about using our combined creative superpowers to deliver outstanding solutions that not only meet our clients' needs but also consider the broader implications on community, our environment and beyond.


Using our broad range of creative skills, experience and relationships to deliver impactful work that has a positive effect on individuals, businesses, communities and in our perfect world society as a whole.

Kia mataara

We embrace boldness, take risks and push boundaries. It involves stepping outside of our (and your) comfort zone, challenging preconceived ideas and conventions and fearlessly pursuing new ideas — to stand out from the rest.


This involves leading by example, walking the talk, sharing ideas, collaborating, raising up and creating an environment that fosters enthusiasm and innovation.

Whakarite whakarārangi

We actively encourage problem-solving and taking responsibility for creating positive outcomes. We focus on having a positive and change-making mindset, seeking out opportunities to make a difference (another of our values) and engaging in projects and initiatives that address challenges.

Whakapau kaha

We (and you, our client) succeed by having a strong sense of ownership, deriving satisfaction and gaining enthusiasm for our work and outcomes which of course leads to our overall reputation and success of Firebrand. It involves valuing the quality of our work and the impact it has had and continues to have.