alex murray firebrand dunedin

Alex Murray is an accomplished Digital Design Director with over 10 years of experience in the industry. As a shareholder in Firebrand, he is deeply invested in the success of the company. With his profound understanding of UI and UX, Alex not only conceives and executes digital design experiences but also actively contributes to their technical implementation, resulting in seamless and visually captivating outcomes.

In his role as a Digital Design Director, Alex plays a pivotal role in leading the web design and development team. His clear direction and guidance enable the team to achieve a diverse range of outcomes. By bridging the gap between design and development, Alex leverages his expertise to foster efficient collaboration and ensure the seamless execution of projects.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Alex's passion extends to the basketball court, where he demonstrates his skills and love for the game.

He also enjoys the challenge of golf, even though he humorously considers himself a subpar golfer. Whether competing in local golf events that support the community or seeking relaxation with friends and family on the course, golf provides Alex with a perfect balance of leisure and friendly competition.