Taua Piri firebrand dunedin

Meet Taua, one of the shareholders of Firebrand, the Lead Developer at Firebrand who leads with passion and compassion. With over 5 years at Firebrand, Taua has been at the forefront of our Digital Transformation journey, successfully navigating our team through significant technological advancements

Taua possesses remarkable programming skills in both front-end and back-end development. He excels in creating native iOS applications, managing servers, developing databases, and scoping project specifications. His expertise extends far and wide, earning him the prestigious Microsoft Tertiary ICT Innovation Award for Business in Higher Education. This recognition truly reflects his diverse skill set, which he takes immense pride in passing on to the next generation.

Beyond the confines of the office, Taua embraces his role as a devoted father to his three young boys. He cherishes every moment spent with his family, constantly seeking opportunities to engage them in outdoor activities. Hailing from Rarotonga, Taua holds a deep affection for his homeland, and he endeavours to visit the Cook Islands as frequently as possible to reconnect with his extended family.

Taua's enthusiasm for sports knows no bounds, with rugby, league, touch, and soccer being just a few of his passions. Taua actively participates in coaching activities throughout the year, nurturing and guiding aspiring athletes.

Taua's unwavering dedication, expertise, and zest for life make him an invaluable asset to Firebrand and a remarkable individual in both his professional and personal spheres.