UX/UI Design

firebrand ui ux

Firebrand UX/UI designers use prototyping to craft seamless digital experiences that balance design, functionality, and interactions to delight users.

Website Design

firebrand website design

We weave together design, functionality and optimum user experience to create visually stunning and engaging website that captivate and effectively communicate your brand's message and story.


firebrand development

Firebrand transforms creative designs into fully functional and interactive online experiences through meticulous coding, optimisation, and integration of cutting-edge technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, React and APIs.


firebrand ecommerce

As Shopify Partners, we offer a wide range of services to help businesses of all sizes succeed in eCommerce, including application integrations, reskin, shipping, cross-selling, third party payment applications (such as Afterpay & Laybuy), subscription models, and customer loyalty programs.

User Journey Mapping

firebrand user journey mapping

We use user journey mapping to chart the pathways your users take when interacting with your organisation's products and services. We research, analyse, and empathise with users to understand their perspectives and habits. This allows us to identify pain points, smooth out touch points, and create intuitive and engaging user journeys that lead to success.

Hosting and Support

firebrand hosting support

Firebrand is the guardian of your assets. We provide secure and reliable infrastructure services to ensure your websites and applications are available and accessible around the clock. We offer highly responsive support and security via Amazon Hosting Services, swift troubleshooting, and continuous updating to keep your digital assets running smoothly.

Custom Applications

firebrand custom applications

We are a digital transformation company that has been architecting and delivering innovative solutions since 2009. We tailor our solutions to specific business needs, ideas, problems, and challenges. We code, integrate, and develop robust and scalable applications that streamline processes, enhance productivity, and empower New Zealand businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

Website Audits and Testing

firebrand website audit

Firebrand can evaluate your website's performance and user experience using tools, comprehensive analysis, and rigorous testing. We can produce insightful recommendations to help improve your website, keep it current, and safe for your users.


firebrand seo

Our digital strategists understand the importance of optimising your website for search engines, like Google. We use keyword research, content optimisation, and technical expertise to help businesses increase their online visability and organic search rankings.

Analytics and Reporting

firebrand analytics

We use data to extract insights and break down complex metrics into meaningful words. We provide our clients with these insights regularly to help them make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and improve their digital strategies.

API Integrations

firebrand api

Firebrand's digital development team hold a proven track record of seamlessly integrating legacy systems and applications. Our technical expertise enables us to empower business to harness the power of both existing and new platforms, unlocking new possibilities and streamlining workflows.

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