A brand new website for Oritain, a company that continues to stretch its wings wide. 

The Brief

Oritain provide forensic science verification of origin providing traceability in supply chains for products and services globally. The Oritain team had recently rebranded and partnered with Firebrand to refresh and reimagine their website, tell their new brand story and position them as global leaders in their industry.

The Solution

The Firebrand team designed and developed a series of website prototypes for mobile and desktop to identify the key menu structure and the design look and feel key pages of the website. Once the direction was signed off by the Oritain team, the project moved into full custom design, development and population of the full website.

The Result

We are so proud of the final website product for Oritain. Now they have a fresh, modern website that is easier for their internal team to use, and for users to navigate.  

The new Oritain website provides a modernised platform for the Oritain team to add content, insights, and educational material easily and in a more engaging way to their partners and consumers. It also demonstrates trust validation for some of the world’s largest and most valuable brands to want to partner with Oritain as they continue to expand globally.