Business South is the new future-focused organisation connecting The Otago Chamber of Commerce and the Otago Southland Employers Association members and services, as well as actively promoting the wellbeing of local communities, families, and the environment.

Firebrand has cultivated a robust and dynamic relationship with Business South, demonstrating unwavering commitment as active members in the pursuit of supporting and empowering businesses across the Southern region. With a keen focus on fostering grown and development, Firebrand has consistently played an instrumental role in bolstering the local business community. Notably, Bex Twemlow's remarkable 7-year role as a director on the Otago Chamber of Commerce board stands as a testament to Firebrand's dedication to collaborative leadership and meaningful contribution. As Bex has transitioned into a new chapter, the adept leadership of Firebrand's General Manager Georgina Guthrie-Murray assumes the mantle on the board, ensuring continuity in nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship in the region.

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Other Community Involvement