Bringing Business Together for a Resilient and Sustainable Future

We sought a remit from members and have been provided that - the merger of two membership organisations, attempted many times over many years will finally become a reality.

Change is constant and when you add the Covid-19 factor to that statement we have a fast-forwarding of change that necessitates immediate strategy review and tactics that ensure survival. 

One of those strategies is to bring together like organisations making for a stronger platform, delivering value to it's members and enabling the transformation of services, delivery methods and collaboration. 

I am personally very excited about what this new organisation will look like, how it will function, who it will deliver value to, who its collaboration partners are and what services are now needed to ensure business success. 

Next steps - Co-Design - not a buzz term! Bringing together all partners, people and organisations, consulting, hearing of dreams and needs, aspirations and goals - working together to make this dream a reality.

Anyone keen for a cuppa to discuss involvement please get in touch.

Bex ☕