Funded by the Ministry of Social Development, Firebrand were asked to develop an initiative that would emphasise and highlight Dunedin's youth unemployment issue. We proposed to engage the business community and take action!

Starting from the ground up with a naming and branding tactic then on to building the strategy for the campaign, we've worked tirelessly to create an ongoing web, design and marketing solution focussed on making a real difference in our local community and communities throughout New Zealand.

The Youth Employment Success campaign includes a comprehensive website that celebrates and promotes businesses who meet the criteria of ‘Youth friendly’ and provides an easy to use platform for businesses to get involved and take ownership of our youth unemployment issue.

The campaign took home two bronze Best Awards for Public Good and Empowering User Experience in 2018 as well as a Good Design Award in 2019.

Firebrand YES website new zealand
firebrand youth employment success website

Other Community Involvement