Katy McIntyre firebrand dunedin

Katy is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in marketing and sales. With a reputation as a strategic thinker and effective communicator, Katy has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive revenue growth and cultivate strong customer relationships.

Having worked across various aspects of the industry, from product development to the shop floor, Katy approaches each project with a holistic mindset. Her expertise in project management and tailored strategizing allows her to cater to the individual needs of each client.

Throughout her career, Katy has been a driving force in the product marketing and sales realm, successfully implementing both traditional and digital marketing initiatives for renowned international brands. What sets her apart is her unique perspective on customer engagement and brand building, which has led to positive outcomes for businesses operating in both Business-to-Business and Direct-to-Consumer markets.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Katy's heart lies in West Harbour, where she has roots. After spending over 15 years away, she cherishes her local neighborhood and enjoys exploring the wonders of Aramoana beaches, indulging in delicious coffees and pastries at Union & Co, and even trying her hand at a veggie garden, despite facing some challenges along the way.

Katy McIntyre's passion for creative thinking and her commitment to driving growth and fostering meaningful connections make her an invaluable asset as the Growth Manager at Firebrand. Her  skills and genuine love for her community continue to make a positive impact on both her professional and personal pursuits.