Dear Heart is a beautifully formulated vegan skincare range that delivers the feel-good factor of intoxicating aromas coupled with premium oils and butters for an all-round luxurious sensory experience. Owner, Karen came to Firebrand for branding and packaging that was high-end whilst remaining approachable. We created a sophisticated new brand and packaging that encapsulates the product's natural and luxurious range of premium products. The packaging is environmentally friendly and natural, pairing well with the overall look and feel of the logo. A Shopify e-commerce store was also developed to promote and sell these beautifully handmade products. The result was a brand that complements its product and positions Dear Heart within the local market. It was a pleasure to work with such a beautiful product and client, and we look forward to witnessing Dear Heart's success as their recognition increases.  




firebrand dear heart packaging photography
 firebrand dear heart website brand
firebrand dear heart website ecommerce
firebrand dear heart brand packaging

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