Checketts McKay Law

Brand refresh, marketing strategy and bespoke website for Checketts McKay Law, to keep them current and contemporary. 



The Brief

Checketts McKay Law approached Firebrand to reposition their brand and enhance their marketing presence. Specifically, Checketts McKay Law wanted to increase their social media engagement and community brand awareness. To address this, Firebrand proposed a brand refresh, a new website, and a new marketing strategy to keep them current and contemporary.

The Solution

Firebrand conducted an initial discovery workshop, which kicked off with a discussion about what Checketts McKay Law does currently, their vision, goals and services offered.

Firebrand’s solution for Checketts McKay Law was a fresh website that integrated their new brand and provided a fully responsive experience for users on any device. We also developed a new marketing strategy that works towards their business goals, using marketing tactics to attract and engage new and existing clients.

The Result

The new website features a bespoke look and feel, in-depth brand integration, full responsiveness for any device, and integration with Facebook and LinkedIn. It highlights their key selling points and clarifies their company vision through structured information architecture, optimised navigation and an overall user-friendly experience. We’ve enjoyed working with the Checketts McKay team and look forward to continuing working with them.