The brief was to name and develop a recognisably premium cherry brand that could be used across a variety of applications. With the goal of introducing it as the long-awaited new and superior cherry brand from New Zealand, to an international market. It needed to present the cherries as a gift from New Zealand’s best cherry region (Central Otago), with the promise that there is much more to come all summer long. 

Working alongside the client to bring their vision to life, our team developed a brand that utilises bold Central Otago colours and timeless typography to create a luxurious, high-end export brand. 

As part of the full brand delivery, our team created bespoke packaging designs to cater to the direct to consumer market. In addition, stickers, brochures and gift cards were created to complete each package. 





firebrand beyond cherries packaging design
firebrand beyond cherries package graphic design
Firebrand Beyond Brochure Graphic Design
 Firebrand beyond cherries graphic design stand
 Firebrand Beyond Cherries website shopify

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