The foundations were there, the learning was hard but enjoyable and each week built on the last. Particularly fond of the waiata and the history components it was a joy to be there on a Tuesday - eager to soak all I could from the amazing Tarnz. 

It takes time and commitment though and with the loss of my trusty sidekick to back surgery, a few other family challenges at the same time and I acknowledge a repeat of Level 1 is necessary to get that solid grounding I crave.

Learning how to introduce myself, enquiring on how my listening audience is and express my own feelings in return (pukumahi is my new fav word) has been awesome - and I highly recommend it. The singing breathes life into my day and learning the real history is - awe-inducing.

Join me if you wish - The second semester begins in July and I will be there....right back at the start again.