Why did St Margarets College ultimately decide to update their CMS the long and short answer is this, usability. 

SilverStripe 4 offers enhanced version control which means the user is able to access their system history and review and restore older versions of data objects, for example, If you have made updates that aren't working out you have the ability to rectify this by going back in time (if only humans had the ability to do this) this is thanks to the SS4 Ownership API (Application Programming Interface) giving the user the opportunity to adapt and amend whatever is published. On top of that, it offers updated features for modules/plugins like our own digital communications tool Hail.

It also has the ability to be programmed to access remote filing systems, which is super important in larger organisations that need expanded storage capacity for better file system abstraction. The CMS also uses a technology developed by Facebook called ReactJS this technology is helping to create a faster and richer UI (User Interface) environment, you can also develop new features in React without rewriting existing code. The SilverStripe 4.x.CMS is also now fully responsive meaning you can more easily use the CMS from your tablet or phone. Great for busy content creators!

What this means is, for those wanting to be more involved in their website management with hands-on content updates, promotions, blogs or newsletters SS4 is much more accessible, some basic training with your developer (if your a newbie) to make those every day updates and adjustment and you'll be set.

So if you are still on SS3 and you are ready for superior user experience, give one of our team members a call or send us an email at hello@firebrand.nz.