Every year Firebrand selects a range of interns to work in the office through the JobDun internship programme. It's an honour and a privilege to give rangatahi the opportunity to up-skill and grow their kete and provide them with more knowledge and confidence than before joining our team. In addition, each intern has a mentor within the office, which allowed our team to reflect on their own processes and allowed them to grow further in their leadership role. 

When we asked Bex for her feedback on this recent internship offering she said "so proud to see all five of these lovely humans embrace the Internship and our Firebrand way of doing things.  Although not all five are staying on for further employment each person has experienced working in an Agency environment, built upon their existing skillset and have made significantly more connections and relationships internally and externally, all of great benefit to career pathways".

"Interning at Firebrand has been a fantastic opportunity to work out where I sit as a Designer and what I enjoy the most. I’ve worked on many cool projects and learned many new skills. I feel so lucky to have interned under and learned from such a talented team of creatives." - Emma Buchan.

"I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and learning about being a front-end developer, I got the opportunity to design and code websites alongside other skilled developers, this was a really good way to learn as whenever I needed a hand I was able to receive help and guidance within minutes of asking." - Sophie Williamson. 

"I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Firebrand which has been such a big stepping stone for me. I have met some awesome people, developed great relationships and ultimately left this internship with nothing but positives. I encourage anyone who has an opportunity to work as an intern to follow suit and make the most of it." - Max Walker.

"During my internship at Firebrand, I was able to learn so much about the design industry and experience what it’s like to work for an agency. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity and feel I am more comfortable as a designer because of it." - Nicholas Brien.

"My internship at Firebrand has allowed me to put into practice what I learnt from my course, while also teaching me a lot about working as a developer. I have vastly improved since I started and I'm very thankful to have been selected as an Intern." - Mitchell Scott.

If this hasn't convinced you that your workplace can benefit from bringing in one (or five!) interns, then we aren't sure what will!? 

Take a chance on rangatahi, give them a place to grow, and provide them with opportunities that they deserve. You will be impressed with the benefits you too receive.

Want to see what they get up to? Follow their LinkedIn's here: 

Emma Buchan, Sophie Williamson, Max Walker, Nicholas Brien and Mitchell Scott.