Westpac Otago Business Awards

The Westpac Otago Business Awards are done and dusted....and the incredible array of amazing businesses, business leaders and community advocates recognised and in attendance of the grand finale was something to behold.

As a pretty "involved" organisation in these awards, we are super proud of both our contribution and our recognition.  Firebrand were Creative Partner to the event and we have been told time and again that this year's awards were VERY well marketed....some of that we take credit for!

The actual awards finalists and of course the winners of those should be super proud.  They represent the very top of their industries, categories and business success. There has to be winners - what use is a competition otherwise! 

Every two years we get the opportunity to openly celebrate the success - the two years between 2016 and 2018 have been an incredible time of recognition of Dunedin's place in the building of business eco-system - this was well recognised and celebrated.

Firebrand didn't take out the top award in it's category - congratulations to NZSki! 

Let us not leave it there - let us continue to celebrate the great things happening in our Great Small City - stories of doing good, success and making a difference are daily....get to telling those stories people, no one will know otherwise.