Google makes a call on Security and beefing up rankings...

It might be only minor but Google have announced that websites that utilise HTTPS (adding a special SSL certificate to your site) will be rewarded with a minor boost in ranking.  Is it worth you investing?

Google take online security very seriously and they're using their clout to encourage others to follow suit. A recent update to their search algorithm takes into consideration whether or not a site is using secure encrypted connection.  Sites using HTTPS are essentially getting an extra 'tick', joining the 200 + other ranking signals Google takes into consideration when serving up search results.  

While it's currently been introduced as a very 'lightweight' signal, effecting fewer than 1% of global search queries it's a sign of the direction the search giant is heading.  

At a rough cost of $10 per month per website it could be worth your while having a chat with one of our team.  If you are inclined to do a bit of research first check it out From the Horses Mouth.