Shopify announce their new payment want this!

Payments on your Shopify store just got even easier (and pose a bit more competition for the NZ banks too)!

Shopify have integrated their own payment system that allows your customers to check out effortlessly, and it improves the overall shopping experience within a Shopify eCommerce store. This has removed the need for any other third party payment gateways such as Payment Express, PayPal etc and it also reduces other costs for Shopify merchants. We like it, we like it a lot.

Shopify Payments also has a fantastic add-on option that enables your customers to save their contact and payment information for future purchases on your webstore or any other Shopify facility as well.  Don't need to tell you that this delivers a more streamlined experience next time they visit your or any other Shopify store. Couple that outstanding features with it also being fully integrated with Apple Pay! The fan boys (and gals) will enjoy that wee announcement.

As a Shopify Partner we know the low down so Get in touch with us to find out how this can be integrated into your eCommerce store (or how to build a new store too)!