The Mornington Tap House ??

Branding, renovations and a new website.

The team at Firebrand recently had the pleasure of working on a branding project for a much loved Dunedin institution, established in 1974 the newly renamed Mornington Taphouse is a special part of Dunedin’s Hospitality industry.

A place for people to come together and celebrate milestones, catch up with friends after a busy work week or unwind with a sumptuous meal in front of the fire. The Mornington Taphouse is an inviting place that caters for all.

With all of these things in mind the owners, Murdoch & Leonie made it their mission to create an environment that reflected the quality and service, that their customers receive when they arrive at 36 Mailer Street. The new branding and website coincide with their highly anticipated refurbishment.

Image by: Jay Phillips

With three fantastic venues conveniently under the same roof, Leonie & Murdoch required branding that created a unique identity for each space while also unifying them in a seamless cohesive way under the new overarching Mornington Taphouse brand.

The primary typography used on each of the brands is a crisp classic style kept consistent throughout to maintain uniformity and flow with the secondary font used as the identifier for the individual spaces, each brand sporting typography unique to that space and the vision Murdoch & Leonie shared with our team. The hops used on the overarching Taphouse logo pay homage to the brew that brings people together whilst adding a botanical feel that ties in nicely with the styling of the fabulous new Kitchen & Bar. The website is rich in imagery taking the user on a visual journey, with the written content kept to a minimum to reduce clutter, each venue and its unique page is easily accessible via the search, drop-down menu and subheadings on the home page, making the site extremely user friendly.

The result is a polished website and branding that is user-centric in its simplicity and eye-catching appeal, the design aesthetic reflects the calibre of service and hospitality afforded to the Mornington Taphouse guests upon visiting one of their popular venues. Firebrand was honoured to work alongside Leonie and Murdoch as their digital and design partners through this transformative process.

Recommend booking ahead as the place is incredible!