Katy & Her Te Reo Awesomeness

At the beginning of 2019, our awesome Katy signed up to the INNOV8HQ Te Reo Māori for Business Leaders 13 week course, facilitated by Tākina to kickstart her Māori Language learning pathway.

Having no previous Te Reo experience Katy was passionate and looking to incorporate Te Reo into her professional life and learning both how to speak and where the language comes from was an awesome stepping stone to this.

Entering into a 13-week course, delivered onsite at INNOV8HQ with an intimate group of Otēpoti Business Leaders, it was the perfect environment to incubate learning and recite the language in a safe environment with like minded people.

Now Katy is leading the charge in exercising her learning by delivering her mihi whakatau/official speeches of welcome at special events throughout the year.

As a company, we are so proud of what Katy has achieved in the time that she has been learning and the passion she has put into it. We cannot wait to see what level 2 of the course brings in 2020.