Quality Check Brand Launches

Community Care Trust has co-designed and developed a programme - Quality Check. In this programme, quality checkers review their clients' experiences with regard to the support services at their organisation. They then provide feedback which can be processed and scored in order to make improvements.

With the programme developed there was a need for branding so we worked alongside the Community Care Trust and Quality Check teams to create an identity truly representative of their approach. Our solution needed to reflect equal rights in life, while promoting the programmes' key focus of giving everyone a voice. 

We did so with a brand that exuded professionalism yet approachability, touching on all elements of life and the concept of conversation. Through bright yet clearly contrasting colour and typography, we ensured accessibility for Quality Check's audience. 

The brand was soon rolled out on a whole bunch of collateral. Think t-shirts, business cards, pull-ups, pens, satchels and a landing page (www.qualitycheck.nz).

We're excited to continue our partnership with Quality Check and watch the programme grow!