Security is #1 Priority!

Security is always the most important consideration in everything we provide, services and products alike.

We have undertaken and passed the Government Cloud Services Security assessment with Get Home Safe. The GetHomeSafe application and infrastructure were extensively tested and verified to a very high ICT Security standard. It included penetration testing, infrastructure risk assessment, code audit and much more.

We implement the same standards and best practices across all our projects.

But how do we concretely implement a high level of security standards and keep our clients data safe ?

Here are a few examples of what we do:

  • We use Amazon Web Services to host our infrastructure and we take full advantage of all the security features it has to offer.

  • We update our servers quarterly, we monitor critical security issues and we patch them immediately when necessary.

  • We have live patching enabled for the operating system and installed software on all servers.

  • We use TrendMicro DeepSecurity for their anti malware, Intrusion Prevention and integrity monitoring solutions on all our public facing servers.

  • We enforce end to end encryption to protect our client’s data in transit and at rest.

  • We follow the latest OWASP standards and industry best practices during development, supported by strong internal documentation.

  • We put a strong emphasis on security during QA and testing.

  • We train our staff to be security aware and follow clear processes to manage security incidents in case we ever had one.

At Firebrand, we take security very seriously, it is part of our daily routines and we are always looking for new ways we can improve it.