Social Club Lawn Bowls

Masters of the Bowling Green....

The Firebrand team joined with our friends from GetHomeSafe and we hit the green on Friday night at the North East Valley Bowling Club for some good old fashioned lawn bowls.

Dressed in our finest sporting attire, we took on one another to determine the lawn game's champion. Whilst everyone was battling it out, our Mission Commander Bex and Mission Specialist Rach put on a 10/10 bbq to help refuel us after a taxing game of bowls.

Taking a well earned rest from some intense bowling — Image by: Developer Firebrand

We bowled, we ate, we drank and had a smashing time. Thanks to the NEV Bowling Club team for fulfilling our bowling needs and putting up with our amateur skills......

We think it's safe to say that we will stick to being masters of the digital universe, not masters of the bowling green.