Legends on the Mainland

While Wild Legend, a Firebrand favourite continues to build its international presence and reputation, it is often a lot quieter back here on the mainland. However, in recent news, we are excited to announce the Wild Legend has found itself as the hero dish on an Arrowtown menu - sounds like a road trip coming up.

An old Arrowtown favourite has undergone a big refresh, new name, new decor and new menu that celebrates local growers including the much celebrated Wild Legend of Fiordland Lobster Company. With the need for a local online presence for the Wild Legend brand. the team put together a simple one-page site to ensure diners could explore the Wild Legend story with the use of in-restaurant QR codes. Wild caught and served daily at get into Rosie B's for your lobster fix and join the Wild Legend.

Also, congrats to the Fiordland Lobster Team as they become an official partner of Badminton New Zealand, and look to support another set of legends, the New Zealand National Badminton Team, in the lead up to World Team Championships (the Sudirman Cup) in 2019.