Dunedin Needs YOUR Vote!

With the Dunedin Mayoralty vote coming to a close in 2 weeks, Dunedin and the candidates need your vote.

Dunedin uses the STV voting system, so what is it? 

STV (Single Transferable Vote) voting is a proportional representation system. You cast a single vote by ranking the candidates you prefer, starting with 1 for the candidate you like most, 2 for second and so on for as many or as few as you like (you don't have to rank all).

How do STV votes get counted? 

To get elected, a candidate needs a set amount of votes, known as the quota. The people counting the votes work out the quota based on the number of vacancies and the number of votes cast.

Once the counting has finished, any candidate who has more number ones than the quota is elected. But, rather than ignore the extra votes a candidate received after the amount they need to win, those votes move to each voter’s second favourite candidate.

If no one reaches the quota, then the people counting the vote remove the least popular candidate. People who voted for them have their votes moved to their second favourite candidate. This process continues until every vacancy is filled.

Dunedin Mayoral Candidates, who are they?

With a large race, Dunedin has 14 Mayoral hopefuls, 6 of which are current City Councilors:

If you don't vote, it only makes others mean more. Have your say and return your vote today!