Github Universe 2017

Bex and I happened to find ourselves perched behind the press section for the Github Universe conference in San Francisco this year.

So what is a Github?

Well, before I answer that one,  first let's answer... 

"What is Git?"

Git is version control system, created by Linus Trovalds. He was the creator of Linux (you know the open source Operating system for people too smart for Windows or Mac). 

"Ok, so what is a version control system?"

Well, when Firebrand's clever little developers create a new piece of software (for this example, let's call it a cake) but want to add a nice new feature (let's call this a cherry) on top. They want to be certain that they don't have to remake an entire cake every-time they put new cherries on top.

Version control allows the baker to have multiple cakes to test new toppings upon. 

"Alrighty, so what is a Github?"

To stay with our baking analogy - imagine that recipe for cake is made public and every baker who wants to contribute, has an opportunity to add to the recipe or use various toppings.

This is the very ethos of Open Source Software.

An entire community of chefs, professionals and amateurs, learning and contributing to a tasty cake and cakes.

So was the conference any good?

Yeah it was. A massive 2-day conference with over 70 speakers in multiple rooms, hundreds of attendees from International companies and Firebrand proudly representing NZ!

San Francisco is a beautiful city and the open source community seemed to have a lovely inclusive nature to it too.

"Forget the law or monetary gain, if you create any product that people interact with, it is your social responsibility to design it for every user."