The Otago Chamber of Commerce...what and why?

The low down on what and why....from the perspective of a business owner and a recently elected director to the Otago Chamber of Commerce board.

A surprising response to my election and involvement in the Otago Chamber of Commerce has been the "Why" and "What" questions. I assumed everyone would easily understand the benefits of belonging to this incredibly successful organisation...and being so much more immersed in the service from a governance perspective has only further confirmed this for me.

Both new and existing businesses and organisations can benefit immensely from holding a Chamber membership, in fact, I would go so far to say that if you aren't a member you are missing out - but of course, I would say that!

Along with the usual and hopefully already well-known benefits...

...there is a swag more that aren't so well know...

  • Play a role in the strategic success of the region (prove to your team and future employees you are an active member of the ecosystem).
  • Market your product, service and organisation to thousands of decision makers and their team through the greater Otago region. 
  • Savings! Group buying privileges are too many to mention and many of the members offer Chamber Member only discounts too.
  • Share the role of apprentice employment through the special 4Trades offering.
  • Export services including the documentation and processing of certificate of origin.
  • Business awards and celebrations where new and old come together to celebrate success.
  • so much more!

I challenge you to find another entity or organisation that provides anything close to those benefits the members receive!

Connect with the team today at The Chamber and become a member - if you need any more convincing drop me a line and the first coffee is on me.

021 876 200