Raising awareness around youth health in our little city

Our latest strategy challenge has been a rewarding one. The challenge started with needing to transition the BASE brand (developed by us for the South Dunedin Sector Trial) for use for an online youth directory. The youth directory fills a gap in our city for online information about services for Youth. Covering all the bases (no pun intended) mental health, physical health, legal advice, professional development and urgent help.

Our digital strategy was four-fold: raise awareness of the directory upon launch, facilitate access to the services listed, encourage help seeking behaviour and generate conversation around youth issues in particular mental health.

Activity included the creation of a website and PPC (pay per click) campaigns. Our team developed a beautifully designed look for social media material and a carefully curated plan to cover the different topics and promote help seeking for youth themselves and their friends. To support online campaigns our next focus is media packs for schools and teachers.

Underway over the next few months, we’ll be highly active on Facebook promoting BASE and publishing content to help youth through the stressful holiday and new year period. Take a look at the directory and follow BASE on Facebook.