Lending a virtual hand in a human way: Firebrand’s online studio environment

Since the level 4 lockdown announcement the team at Firebrand have adjusted to a new online studio environment, ensuring we can continue to provide our services digitally to our current and new clients. We are pleased to announce that our ‘digital transformation’ is complete and we are operating 100% from our bubbles.

We are only a phone call or Zoom meeting away should you wish to discuss how we can continue to support your business. Our team of design strategists, web and software engineers, marketers, digital experts, business and design coaches can work remotely and quickly to help you. All of our usual (and some slightly different) services are now on offer: 

Virtual Workshop Discovery Sessions
Zoom sessions with your team, exploring the current state of your business, scenario planning, developing ideas using proven Design Thinking methodologies and preparing a strategy document on how to mitigate and/or embrace change. 

Internal & External Communications
Preparing communications to your staff and customers via social media channels, including Hail articles (content writing) and video messaging.

Product & Service Development (move fast like a start-up)
Product development and idea generation including Design Coaching, Discovery Workshops, CX and UX development, customer engagement, opportunity Identification, Ideation, Prototyping, MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), User Testing and Storytelling.

Social Media Management
Design, layout and management of social posts. 

Website Support
Temporary pages, eCommerce, creative and content updates for your websites.

Ad Campaigns
Advertising campaign development to advise of changes to your services and work arrangements.

Team Training
Use this time to up-skill and train your team on how to use your website CMS, how to use social media or how to use Hail.

Business Transformation
We are committed to our mission to start, build and grow businesses. Have a new idea or need to radically and rapidly transform your business? We can help. Blair Impey, Master Navigator (Business Improvement Specialist in disguise), joins the Firebrand family to assist with helping your business to Adapt, Protect and Revive. We're now offering ‘Pivot Sessions’ to workshop, ideate, develop mitigation strategies, prototype and switch things up. Whether that be new product or service, new markets or assistance with communicating the right info at the right time through the right channels, we’re ready to help.

On behalf of our entire team at Firebrand, please take care and know that we will continue to service and deliver the best outcomes for our clients today and into the future.

Kia kaha, team Firebrand.