Firebrand is officially 5 Years Old.

July 2009 we opened the doors (as Fireweb), started building a Content Management System and made a couple of calls...little did we realise where the journey would lead!

July 2014 signifies five years in business for Firebrand and what an amazing five years it has been.  Not the type of folk to rest on our laurels it is fair to say there is a massive list of accomplishments and happy clients.  

There is a saying in our industry - you are only as good as your last project - this mantra keeps us striving for excellence and enables us to confidently push the boundaries - something we can look back and confirm we did - more than ever expected at times!

Following our re-imagining in 2010 and launch of our full service provision, our point of difference; relationship focus, was further emphasised.  Many local and national companies began considering Firebrand as an option even when compared to larger and more established agencies up north. 250+ solid client relationships have since been nurtured, with most remaining today. Over 80% of these are the result of referrals!

With the core focus of Firebrand being service and relationships it is natural that our services provision grew rapidly along with our client list – trust springs opportunity. The services provided today were shaped by a recognised need:

  • Strategy - including marketing, digital, business and recruitment.
  • Websites -  beautiful, modern, custom designed and developed websites that are functional across all devices (an absolute must).
  • Mobile, HTML5 and SaaS applications.
  • Design -  brand, graphic, illustration and product.
  • Marketing - strategy, production, social media, SEO, content writing, sales and advertising.
  • Print Procurement
  • Project/Event Management
  • even….Mascot Performance and Management (Dunedin’s worst kept secret!)

We believe in working to strengths, and recognise collaboration is key to results. We are particularly lucky living in Dunedin where there is an abundance of outstandingly clever and friendly talent. We work with illustrators, videographers, photographers, iOS and Android specialists, animators, PR experts, other web agencies (yes – we even give work away!) and many others. We wouldn’t be what we are today without collaboration.

July 8th 2014 marked Firebrand’s fifth anniversary, we have made it this far by providing outstanding solutions and services across the country.  Our focus is customer service, relationships, innovation and the nurturing of the Firebrand team. 

But you already knew that!  Thanks for being you and loving what we do too!

Hero image by Martin Fisch.