Dunedin's first Agency recognised as Shopify eCommerce Experts.

Back in June Firebrand was confirmed a Shopify Expert...with a huge number of eCommerce projects under our belts we were excited to be recognised!

With eCommerce quickly taking over the world it goes without saying we're a little busy building stores both large and small.  While we provide a range of eCommerce options depending on individual project requirements, our growing preference has been for a beauty of a system - Shopify.  We love that it's an easy and scalable solution perfect for small boutique stores through to multi channel, multi supplier facilities. It's quickly become our go to for all eCommerce clients. 

As well as being our solution of choice Shopify has been embraced by a range of iconic New Zealand brands with  fashion heavy weights including Karen Walker and Deadly Ponies using the platform. 

If you're still wondering about the benefits of selling online you may like to consider recent stats showing this year 1.9 million New Zealanders have spent $3.8 billion online, with projected sales of $4.15 billion by the end of 2014. 

So if you're interested in exploring the possibilities of selling your wares (or someone else's) online don't hesitate to book a chat with one of our team

Hero photo courtesy of Shopify.