How to suck up to a dev or a designer

For us account managers, life is about keeping people happy - our clients and our creatives.

People who work creatively love what they do. They love bringing an idea to life, and their work is about more than just bringing home a paycheck. Unfortunately, agency life doesn’t always give them the freedom to spend endless hours on a design or a development. 

There's a lot to contend with - deadlines, budgetary constraints, sudden changes; clients requiring projects quickly, or the hardest one of requirements I haven't communicated properly to them. 

All of the above require me to Suck Up! But how?

  • Treats! Keep them on a sugar high.
  • Buy them coffee
  • Compliments, tell them how clever they are.
  • Manners; Lots of Please and Thank you messages.
  • The Star emoji works a charm.
  • Praise - name drop them for being amazing in front of the entire team.

Most importantly always be kind, even when you don’t require anything from them.

G x