Clutha Catlins Website

As one of the most beautiful areas of New Zealand (yes some of us are a little biased), Clutha and The Catlins deserved a site to match. The new website caters to both locals and tourists visiting this end of the country.

With three existing websites, the team at Clutha were needing one online presence to appeal to a wide-ranging and International audience. The solution showcasing tourism, investment possibilities and life in the area. To appeal to the ever-growing numbers of tourists eyeing up the Catlins, the site needed to be rich with content on each destination and to provide resources such as maps, walking trails, safety and conservation information.

Our new website design is image dominant, with stunning photography that catches your eye from the get-go. Jam-packed with guides on traveling the area, user experience and navigation has been considered throughout to help visitors find the information they need quickly. With visitors needing information on the go, our team have built a site with search and design that is perfectly optimised for mobile.

The team at Clutha are loving only needing to update the one website. As our content management system of choice, SilverStripe is making this even more streamlined through its easy to use interface. The site has experienced increased traffic with an average of over 24,000 organic views monthly and users engaged with viewing an average of 7 pages during each visit.

Take a look: