YES Recruitment Is Live!

Over the lockdown period, the Firebrand Team have been hard at work to enable & develop a pivot of what YES does. That being a FREE Job Board!

We created a job board that is free to use, for employers to list and for youth to use. It also offers a platform for employers to list jobs knowing that they are targeting youth specifically. 

With the job board being added we also thought it would be an awesome chance to give the site a revamp in the design. The pathway is now very simple with knowing where you are, with two distinct employer and youth journeys. We are all about making the process easy! 

Alongside the launch of the job board, we are also celebrating the launch into a new region! Partnering with 100% Sweet, we are live in Whanganui! We are so excited to be offering local Rangatahi opportunities to help them have their first employment conversation.

Check it out!