Bold look for a bold vision for Clutha Foundation

Inspiration can come from many places but for the Clutha Foundation, it was a little closer to home.

The Clutha Foundation is being established for the purpose of building a local fund which will benefit the Clutha District. The foundation is set to provide an easy way for people to give to the Clutha community and connect generous people who care. With the mission to inspire the Clutha community through philanthropy, and leadership. 

When I was young we used to travel between rural southland and Dunedin quite often, to visit family. The return trip would see us kids reclining in the back looking out at the landscape as it sped by. When we crossed over the Balcutha bridge we would know we were over halfway home.  For me, this large concrete forboding concrete structure is beautiful, symbolising connection point between home and away, key marker as you travel through the region, and strength, as it stands strong in the mighty Clutha River. 

The brand needed to not only speak to me but also a region of people, now and in the future.  So, starting with the forms of the bridge and how each facet folds into the next, we began to incorporate the idea of interweaving and moving though place, followed with careful colour consideration we were able to accentuate the positive vibrancy and outlook of the foundation and more clearly encapsulate the idea place and its connection to the people, as the both rural and urban life interweave to support, grow and succeed.