J Fraser & Sons - Designing your own Coffin?!

A super full-service provision from the team - website redesign, photography, videography & custom development for Invercargill and Southland’s longest family owned and operated funeral home.

J Fraser & Sons Ltd is Invercargill and Southland’s longest established family owned and operated Funeral Home that offers you an experienced and friendly team of funeral directors and embalmers who will guide you through the many aspects of arranging a suitable farewell for your loved one. We joined forces to create a website encompassing the true value of the service that Wilson and his team provide.

Along with an amazing site, our team were tasked with a Custom Dev challenge where consumers can create their own coffins. The project allows you to add an image to a template of a coffin-side and have the ability to scale and rotate the image within that template. Using a 3D preview, we were able to provide the user with a template of what the coffin would look like once finished. Once the consumer is happy with their design, they have the ability to share a preview of the final coffin design with friends/families.

A strong emphasis was placed on photography and videography being of high importance throughout the site, with this in mind our amazing team headed to Invercargill to capture the team in action and some of the local sights to include in the storytelling of the site.

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