Let's GO! eComPlus 2.0 begins it's journey to becoming a reality.

Strategy, followed by project architecture, plans and briefs....all those boxes are well ticked - now begins the exciting build!

The super clients behind such well-known brands as eComPlus 1.0MyTools, MyAutomotive, Trade Tools and Industrial Tooling are again partnering with our team to build a platform like no other - Innovation, eCommerce, DropShip and Business Relationships are at the heart of this boundary breaking project and we can't wait to see it come to life.

APIs, Integration, and easy/open Data Sharing methods are key considerations for the future of any technology solution and we plan on delivering - schedule indicates launch end of February 2018 and that is after completing an expected 3000 hours! Lucky for everyone our team has never been bigger, stronger or more ready.

We will keep you posted as the project unfolds and if you are interested in understanding more about eCommerce, DropShipping or if you have an idea for an innovative platform build get in touch....we know some people who know some people.