Server Upgrades for SilverStripe 3 Websites!

Earlier this month Firebrand had completed one of the largest internal projects to date, transferring approximately 100 SilverStripe 3 websites to a new server environment.

You can imagine a project of this scale was daunting, but with proper planning and a thorough testing regiment, we completed the migration without downtime.

We took the opportunity to perform several enhancements as part of the project, including:

  • A focus on security. Our new server environment has been built with security first and foremost, so we keep your website one step ahead of hackers and malicious attacks. 🔐

  • Performance has been vastly improved, you might have noticed recently that your website is loading much faster! 🏃💨

  • All contact forms now have recaptcha installed on them, which will drastically reduce any spam sent

  • All SilverStripe 3 websites and modules have been updated to version 3.7 to take advantage of the latest improvements from SilverStripe Ltd ⏫

  • And for our developers, a fresh server environment that is modern and has all the bells and whistles will make our job much easier to serve our clients. 🔔😗🎶

While SilverStripe 3 is super awesome 😎 and will be supported by Firebrand and SilverStripe Ltd until September 2020, some of you may want to jump forward to the latest SilverStripe 4 release. There are many improvements in this release, mainly around the CMS itself and are outlined in this link

If you are currently on SilverStripe 3 and are interested in upgrading your website to the latest SilverStripe 4 release please get in touch with us.