Firebrand Otago Goldrush Update

Basketball is coming live and via Sky TV

Some exciting announcements from Basketball New Zealand recently saw some dates that you need to add to your calendar.

The Schick 3X3 

The team includes Lisa Walbutton, Zoe Richards, Aleisha Ruske and Tara Clement.

The cup features three days of live basketball action starting on the 12th of November. Tickets are available from @ticketeknz and the whole event will be televised live on @skysportnz.

The Squad

The 18in18

6 teams from the Women's NBL will battle out the national championship from 19 November to 6 December. 

Similar to the successful men’s Nuggets NBL Showdown win earlier this year, this contest will be known as the Sal’s NBL 18IN18, referring to 18 games being played in 18 days. 

Zoe Gold Rush Announcement

If you cant make it to Auckland, you can catch it live on Sky Sport.

Firebrand is proud to sponsor the Firebrand Otago Gold Rush and wish them all the best with the mountain of basketball ahead. 

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