Holiday Marketing

Christmas shopping season is just around the corner! Have you got your holiday marketing campaign sorted?

With the festive season on the horizon and getting closer by the day, the time has come to get your holiday marketing campaigns ready to launch. If you haven’t yet considered a campaign of your own, here are a few reasons why you should.

You may have noticed that every year as the holidays season rolls around, the floodgates of advertising seem to open up. With companies scrambling to get their share of your Holiday fund, and there is a good reason why. For small to mid-sized businesses, 20% to 40% of yearly sales are taken in the last two months of the year. With 40% of people beginning their Christmas shopping before Halloween (October 31st). At this time there is also a greater expectation that the best deals and latest trends will appear on your social feed or in your inbox. Email recipients are expecting these campaigns to be personal and aspirational rather than sales-focused.

Let’s have a look at some methods for securing your portion of the holiday market.


The Holiday season is the time of year when customers expect to be engaged and delighted by the marketing material they encounter. If you have a wicked sense of humour or a knack for the punny, this is the perfect time for you to go big. However, if this isn’t your forte, then appealing to your customers through evoking emotions or appealing to their values is a staple when it comes to effective marketing.


Everyone wants to be the first to get that new product and be an early adopter. Giving customers the ability to get early access to new products is guaranteed to pique interest. Reward your loyal customers by making offers to your past customers and members, Christmas is a time for giving after all.


Are most of your customers local? Why not throw them a party? The holiday season would be the perfect time to express your gratitude for their loyal custom and give them a sneak peak of the exciting things to come.

Now don’t delay, get your holiday season marketing material ready to make this the best Christmas period yet. And of course, if you have any issues, the friendly Firebrand crew are always here to help.