SCOTT Launch

Our latest team challenge has been bringing together five of the world's leading engineering brands under the one global presence for Scott Technology. Information architecture, multilingual translations, product filtering, all encompassed by a beautiful, fresh and modern design. An enormous project and a huge collaborative effort!

The Brief

SCOTT has been producing innovative engineering solutions forever = well at least the last 100 years! With customers in 88 countries and production bases in NZ, USA, Germany, China and Australia - SCOTT is a true global leader.

With all of this considered, our goal, put simply was to develop a world class website with an International feel and focus. Fundamental to the project was incorporating the five existing brands under one -  while still ensuring strong brand equity for each (no small order!).  Second to this (by a slim amount) was specifically lead generation and marketing automation integration with Global Giant -  Salesforce.

The Design

Our design solution was lead by an in-depth and extensive information architecture review to bring the relevant sections from each existing website into one cohesive and easy to use navigation. From there, our approach was a highly visual design that remained clean to drive people to the main content callouts. The SCOTT branding informs the overall look, however, each brand landing page is in line with its own identity.  Case studies are also uniquely styled to suit their corresponding brand also.

The Development

As an International sales tool, the site needed to be multi-lingual and that has been kept simple through language selection in the main navigation. The global presence is apparent through the carefully crafted information unique to each region.

A site wide Sales Force integration has ensured further streamlining of orders and makes lead generation nurturing for the different brands a breeze.

With an abundance of products from all kinds of industries, product filtering needed to be carefully considered. This was modelled off our expertise in traditional eCom filtering with the dropdowns reflecting the previous sites for familiarity purposes.

The Solution

As always with our launches, once we step back (after a short break) we're always amazed at how much we have achieved. 

I've been fully immersed in Scott for last 6 months. Seeing the site launch has definitely been a highlight of the year so far! I've gained a greater understanding for multilingual intergrations, extensive IA and global entities - Alex Murray, Web Designer

Take a peek at the new look Scott website.