Introducing KLAMP

A bottle opener that doesn't look like one.

Over the weekend five members of team Firebrand competed in Start Up Weekend Dunedin on some exciting product based projects. One of those was KLAMP which placed second overall. Consisting of Alex, Georgina, Tony, Anton and Bekah.

Team KLAMP spent the weekend turning our creative skills to something a bit more physical than usual. We drilled metal, filed edges, made patterns to sew and learnt about fabric strength. A huge thanks to Steve at Dunedin Print, Darren from Moran Fabrication, Trevor from RCR Energy Services and Mon and Jeff from BEATS Clothing. We also came up with a solid business case, here's a summary:

The Problem.

Current bottle openers are bulky so often left at home meaning DIY methods are required. Whether it's teeth, arms, other bottles or lighters these opening approaches can be dangerous.

70% of New Zealanders drink. That's 940,000 bottles needing to be opened each year!

The Solution.

KLAMP is a bottle opener that attaches to your apparel. The focus - make it a fashionable extension of your outfit so you never leave the house without it. No more key bulk or awkward pocket bulging.

The Markets.

Brands - we'll work straight with brands to produce their unique KLAMP for selling in retail. We dream of working with stores such as Barkers or companies such as Emersons.

BEATS Clothing are keen to start their own range of KLAMPs and sell to their 30k following.

Promotional Companies - we'll supply Print and Promo companies with plain KLAMPs ready for them to brand for their clients.

Konstruct are interested in buying 5,000 units!

The Brand.

Key to the success of KLAMP is our marketing. We'll start with prominent brand ambassadors who are highly active on the feeds of our potential users. Think the likes of Johnny Danger or Leigh Hart. We'll continue to tell the story on social through video - our first teaser video is live. Thanks Paul for your production and editing genius.

What Next?

We're now looking to gauge interest and connect with people who have contacts or are keen to stock. Visit our Pledgeme to pre-order and help meet the target of $3,000 to get the idea off the ground. Also, check out the KLAMP Facebook page and get in touch with Alex there.