What better time than a lockdown to rebrand, pivot and reinvent ourselves? Say hello to the new Firebrand logo and website.

Firebrand Rebrand Firebrand

Image by: Taryn

Rebranding yourself can be hard...especially when it's a brand that has been co-created, evolved and many have worked hard to establish over the last ten years. Back in 2009, Bex and Paul co-founded Fireweb. A young, fresh to the scene web development agency, exploring its craft and playing with new technology. But ten years on Firebrand have matured, the team and client base has expanded and we have a clearly defined offer as a Marketing and Digital Transformation Agency that starts, builds and grows New Zealand businesses. It was time for a shake up... and our Mission Specialist Taryn took up the challenge.

The Brief 

Some of the team wanted the flame, some wanted to drop it. Some wanted to keep the orange colour, and the rest embraced the hard hitting holographic colours left behind by our dear Bekah (we still want you back). The team was divided on opinions...but what we did know, is it had to be modern, timeless and cool.