Supporting Business Recovery and Growth - RBP

You probably know us as a bunch of creatives that create some pretty smart looking brands, marketing strategies, and some really clever digital products, websites and things for some rather funky businesses. 😇 We love doing that for sure! There is though another side to our business which you may not know about.

Firebrand coach and support people using a practical approach to sustainable business innovation and digital transformation. We help businesses to evolve great ideas into real products, services, experiences and stories. While that might all sound a bit fluffy and aspirational, there are actually pretty core fundamentals that support these things as they help find and connect with your customers and ultimately help your business achieve the goals you're aiming for.

Last year Firebrand became a RBP provider little did we know that this was going to take on a whole new meaning with the arrival of Covid19. While we are pretty familiar with workshopping, using design thinking and supporting clients through using their eCommerce store this has taken the self enablement of local business to another level. It also caused us to rethink our approach. Rather than limiting you to Lynda and Bex we give you access to a coach and a topic specialist depending on what the support is that you need most so we can ensure we deliver you the best advice.

The demand for COVID-19 Business Advisory Funding in Otago has been high and $2.6 million fund from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Callaghan Innovation has allowed many registered RBP providers including Firebrand contribute to the rollout of FREE specialist advice and strategy support to over 1500 businesses in the Otago region since March.

What it is and what it’s not?

The RBP Business Advisory Funding provides support for Small-to-Medium sized businesses that meet some fairly straight-forward criteria to assist with HR, health and wellbeing, business continuity, cashflow and finance management, strategy and digital capability. Firebrand happens to be one of only a few approved to deliver this Marketing and Digital Enablement in Otago.

There’s been some confusion that we would like to make clear. NZTE has some particular guidelines we must adhere to. RBP vouchers are for advice, support and coaching. It’s not for doing-the-doing. So what that means in simple terms…

We can do under RBP Covid 19 and the Managed Capability vouchers:

  • Advise and coach through a new strategy or direction for business.

  • Advise and coach through brand and positioning.

  • Advise and coach through digital strategy, eCommerce and tools you can use.

We can’t do under RBP Covid 19 and the Managed Capability vouchers:

  • Create a new strategy for you independently and present the finished work.

  • Design a new logo or brand for you.

  • Build you a new website or create you a new video.

Who we have been working with?

A hugely diverse range of industries. Hospitality, FMG, Food Producers, Therapists, Health and Wellness, Gyms, Food producers, Agriculture, Property maintenance, Legal, Film, Real Estate, Engineering, Accommodation and Travel.

Some businesses already have a level of business maturity and recognise the importance of making the most of their opportunities to strengthen their business to be more resilient and grow. Others have been previously serving their customers and pre Covid had a steady stream of work and the need for Marketing Strategy and Digital Transformation and enablement hadn’t even been on the radar and Covid had suddenly made this a necessity. Whatever their reason for initial engagement, one of the most impressive things is the positivity about the future. There’s nothing more exciting than working with invested people!

The types of things we have been discussing and coaching businesses through?

There's a few themes that have been super popular.

  • Strategy - Business backbone, Opportunities, Target audiences, Key messages.

  • Digital Marketing - Best practice, Strategy, Google Adwords, Social Ads, Scheduling, Metrics, Management, Tools, Making the most of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

  • Content and Storytelling - Planning and tools

  • eCommerce - Best practice, strategy, platforms, apps

We hope to share some RBP voucher recipient stories, their coaching experiences with us and what that has meant for their businesses in the coming months.

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