An expression of culture, the colourful world of Bharathanatyam dance.

Natyaloka was my first brand experience as a part of the firebrand whānau and I feel privileged to have been a part of the process. Natyaloka is Dunedin's school of Indian dance form -  Bharathanatyam, founded by Swaroopa Unni.

Swaroopa is focused on creating education around Indian dance within the local community; the classes are centred on inclusivity in a fun and culturally vibrant environment.

Swaroopa recognised the need to evolve and grow her brand in the same way that we need to grow and develop as people; she wanted a brand that was a more authentic representation of herself and the environment she has created for her Natyaloka students.

Our talented designer Taryn Ormsby was excited to work alongside Swaroopa to achieve this. The logo she created for Natyaloka combines four Bharatanatyam dancers posing together to create a circular icon with the letterin the middle; this is the first letter in the word Natyaloka - നാട്യലോക when translated into Swaroopa’a mother tongue, Malayalam. The dancers are wearing traditional Bharatanatyam headwear and are all doing the Kapota hand position.

The colours are fresh, fun and modern, with an Ombre effect blending the Teal into the Royal Blue & creating a feeling of movement and flow, the blending of one colour into another is an excellent representation of the coming together of people and culture.

Taryn says " Whether your company simply needs a facelift or a completely new brand identity to reflect its evolution, rebranding is instrumental in molding the right perception. There’s enormous value in the process as well as in the end result. Take rebranding as a great opportunity to strengthen and reaffirm your company’s identity and values, internally and externally". 


Visit Natyaloka’s Facebook page and book in your classes for 2020.