Women's Wellness....

The inaugural "Women's Wellness day" earlier in the month; presented, organised and lovingly crafted by Amanda Burke was an absolute treat!

We were educated by Dr Wellness aka Dr Tracy Chandler,
Nicola Brown - Efficiency Queen, Dee Copland - Naturopath and Nutritionist, Lee Tan - Groom Laser and Skin Clinic and Life Pharmacy, Dr Sandra Clair - Artemis, Dr Martyn and Liz Williamson - Plant Strong Living and Vicky Murphy - Awaken Life Coaching.

We were also challenged physically and mentally by Rosa Anderson - Jones - Barre Base, The Body Architect and Awaken Meditation by Awaken Life Coaching.

The final event of the day was an awesomely fun panel where we all spoke of "balance", covid crazy, what success means and we all discovered (or just confirmed in fact) how very different we all are. Incredibly proud to be asked to be on the panel.

As expected the amazing Harriet Moir as MC set the tone for the panel and sent us all home smiling at our little old selves and our quirks.

Let's do that again....🙌