Five New Summer Interns at Firebrand 😎.

Did you know that Firebrand supports young people into work through summer internships? 🤩

This summer a total of five interns will have the opportunity to gain experience at the company while working on real projects and providing assistance to the Firebrand team. Dan is bringing his filming and editing skills, joining us as a videographer, filming and editing content for our clients.  📹

Steph and Zoe are both from the polytech’s PGDIP design course and are the new additions to the design team. They are learning about Adwords, Hootsuite and everything in between. 

Toby was the last to arrive in the office and is a skilled developer helping with making and maintaining websites. 🦊

Lastly, Alice (me) here as an admin intern, helping keep the projects ticking entering data, and assisting the team and making sure our house plants don’t die.🌱

Together we are working on an exciting collaborative project, Intern Invasion! Keep a close eye on Firebrand social channels this summer because we will be putting out fresh content on what it is like to be an intern here. We all have come from different backgrounds and have different skills and experiences, but are united by the joint experience at the company and want to share that with YOU! I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but keep an ear out for the podcast it will be amazing.

It has been so exciting to have been selected to be part of a diverse, fun and exuberant team as we Start, Build and Grow right here in Otepoti. Join us on our intern journey!