Oritain Launch.

Accuracy, integrity and transparency through storytelling were at the forefront of our recently completed solution for Oritain.

Oritain is a true global company providing scientific traceability methods to prove product provenance and authenticity - all started from right here in Dunedin (the Great Small City of course!). Through leading edge technology, Oritain work with a very broad range of industries, for example within honey, the origin can be proven by tracing the jar right back to a batch number associated with a set supplier. Oritain does this by investigating the molecules that make up a product, narrowing origin down to set geographical region. From head office based in Dunedin, Oritain are providing these solutions for some of the largest brands across the world such as Lewis Road Creamery, Silver Fern Farms and GE Healthcare.

The creativity within the team has allowed us to produce a striking yet simple design which enables the content to shine. Our design process was made easy being able to leverage off the strong brand and vision already held strongly by Oritain. The highly visual design also showcases Oritain's global partners ensuring brand equity for these companies.

Oritain is yet another website that is integrated with our sister company Hail. Through Hail the likes of news, industry updates and case studies are interwoven throughout - writing content for the story purpose and having it published everywhere.

Key functionality within the new solution includes the traceability and verification feature whereby a shopper can enter the code found on their product and seek information pertaining to its origin and authenticity. With a growing consumer desire for fresh and safe food - this tool is something that shoppers love and Oritain's brands continue to reap the benefits of.

Check out the awesome website here!