Maher Millions - Your Heart on your Sole

For the past few months our team's whole swag of services have been in full force to deliver an eCommerce solution and strategy of mammoth proportions.

Maher Millions provides men with an opportunity to design their very own personalised and custom shoes. So how does it work? You choose your last, your leather and custom text (if you'd like it). You also select a number between one and one million and this enters you into The Society and chance to win during one of the 1,230 draws. Maher Millions is giving away 27 million dollars in total as each sale milestone is reached.

Glen Maher from Maher Shoes approached us with the dream for his new venture and we stepped in to help with all things digital. To deliver the website our team's expertise in design, user experience, photography, videography, branding, packaging, marketing automation and SEO have come into play. 

Branding and Packaging

Starting with a workshop to drive the brand direction it became clear just how diverse these potential shoe shoppers are and that the reason for wearing them varies significantly. Whether to aid self-expression, to compliment a steampunk look or for a night out. The aim of the branding was to present a premium and established identity achieved through gold colouring and a crest like application. This was then rolled out across packaging, tissue paper, shoe embroidery and event/point of sale collateral.

eCommerce Development

Our eCommerce solution carries through key personas to aid navigation whether you are shopping for an event, for work or to simply stand out. The design your shoe functionality steps users through what could be an overwhelming decision. To showcase each product in all their glory we've combined a 360 degree view, in-situ photography and in time user-generated content.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The focus of the digital strategy is to first build up a loyal following and establish consumer trust through influencers and user-generated activity. Driving traffic through social channels such as Instagram and Facebook and utilising the power of remarketing. Carefully targeted campaigns have then enabled us to direct our different personas to tailored landing pages. Just over a week into launch our task turns to implementation and spreading the word. We're stuck into social media, PPC and search marketing, Google shop, influencer, and email marketing.

Take a look and design your own shoes:

P.S gift cards are available just in time for Christmas.