The Vipers 2nd Place overall in Season

A shortened season saw the old boys make the B grade mens' finals.

Those who know me know Basketball has always been a large part of my life. 🏀

You see it ticks all 3 boxes for my enjoyment factor.

  • I keep moving - You could never convince me to go on a 10km run for fun but throw a ball and the Boarder-Collie in me will play fetch for hours.
  • Wisdom rises over weakness - Our team's average age of 43 demands a slower game than the School and University teams we compete against but even though our vertical leaps have left us, we still have some tricks left in the bag.
  • Team is Whānau  - I've been playing with some of my team mates for more than half of my life and I see our children growing their own love of the game as forming the bonds of ball 🏀 Long may it continue.
Vipers Basketball - It's a family affair

Now we are allowed an off season break and we can rest our bodies for the next season. This Christmas we have asked Santa for new uniforms with the New Firebrand logo and colours. 

I hope our wish comes true.